Velvety body, strong olfactory impact that recalls citrus fruits and jasmine. A rich aromatic texture reveals hints of ripe lemon, candied citron and then evolves into sweeter notes of muscat grapes, apple, mandarin, with a slight spiciness in the aftertaste.

Available in: 10 capsules 5,5g.


Full-bodied, viscous and enveloping. Pleasant base of dark cocoa, toasted and caramelized dried fruit. Pleasant sweet notes reminiscent of pears and apples, balanced and persistent.

Available in: 10 capsules 5,5g.


A blend composed of some of the most prestigious Arabica coffees that ranges from the pleasant flavor of citrus fruits to the sweet notes of hazelnut and others with a more decisive character such as jasmine and vanilla. A blend designed for those who love coffee and aspire to capture its most noble and refined aspects.

Available in: 10 capsules 5,5g.


A blend that will surprise you with the variety of aromas, such as chocolate, vanilla and flowers which, when blended, give an overall balance. With a full and round taste, a decaffeinated product of the Trieste experience and tradition that distinguishes us.

Available in: 10 capsules  5,5g.


Enveloping body and rich aroma. Very balanced in terms of taste. Intense fruity notes reminiscent of oranges and sweet lemons. The aftertaste is characterized by white pepper and fine dark cocoa.

Available in: 10 capsules 5,5g.


A decisive blend in which the intense notes of cocoa blend with the sweet taste of hazelnuts and vanilla, creating a pleasant gustatory balance. Its flavor, decisive and pleasant, envelops the palate and persists even after tasting.

Available in: 10 capsules 5,5g.


A great body that lets emerge an intense sweetness characterized by notes of caramelized almonds, milk chocolate and dark cocoa. The aftertaste is reminiscent of a soft cappuccino.

Available in: 10 capsules 5,5g.


A full-bodied and enveloping blend where a light base of dark cocoa, toasted and caramelized fruit marries with pleasant sweet notes of vanilla and hazelnuts, giving life to a balanced and persistent flavor.

Available in: 10 capsules 5,5g.


A coffee that comes from a careful selection that, drawing from organic crops, wants to offer the best in terms of organoleptic flavors that can range from hazelnut to chocolate up to a structured acidity typical of the most prestigious coffees.

Available in: 10 capsules 5,5g.


A delicate blend, composed solely of our arabica coffee beans which give a variety of sweet aromas, such as chocolate and hazelnut, floral and refined acid notes that recall citrus fruits.

Available in: 10 capsules 5,5g.